I do not have an existing design!
If you do not have an existing design or corporate identity and need a little help then do not panic. The about signs team have inspiring creatives on board who will design the identity you are looking for.



I have a design but no artwork.
No problem, our studio will re-create the artwork for you, using the industry standard Macintosh computers and the latest software we will provide you with quality digital artwork.


File formats and applications
PDF, EPS, TIF, JPEG, BMP are ideal formats with which to work.
Supply files as CMYK - delete alpha channels from files (our preferred Photoshop files would be EPS with JPEG encoding, maximum quality, Macintosh preview).

Please supply your artwork as PDF files where possible, PDF files reduce the problems associated with supplying fonts and images and can help spped up the turnaround time of your work.

Please ensure your pdfs are produced with press quality settings.

Always place a clear non-printing box to the page area. Send to back. If you don't, your file may print out at the wrong scale. Convert fonts to outlines.
Always place a clear non-printing box to the page area. Send to back. If you don't, your file may print out at the wrong scale. Do not work at a large scale, i.e. 3m x 3m pasteboard width, ensure the work is scaled down, ideally a quarter or 1/10th scale. The reason for this is that Illustrator cannot create a ‘preview’ for large areas. Ensure that work is created originally at 9600dpi rather than the default 800dpi as this can create flatness/printing problems. Please flatten any transparency effects to correct resolution. Convert fonts to outlines.

please supply the original file as well as exported EPS file, convert fonts to CURVES/PATHS/OUTLINES. If the file is a correct proportion and includes bleed we can work directly from the EPS file.
Working in proportion is an essential method of working. Please clearly indicate what scale you are using. Be consistent with your artworks i.e. 1/10th scale used throughout the job. Jobs that need to be corrected may incur additional charges.
Type and fonts
Type - Ideally all fonts used within your graphics should be converted to outlines/paths from your design software (CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Freehand etc).
If you cannot outline your fonts please supply all fonts used in your job (to include both screen and printer files).
Files For Vinyl Cutting - Please supply files in Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw as paths in vector/outline format.
Do not supply bitmap/raster artwork for vinyl cutting.
Please tell us if you have set bleeds on your file.
Mounted Graphics
Graphics being mounted to foamex should include “bleed” ie: 3-10 mm all round to allow our Finishing Department to mount and trim the graphic without affecting final printed visual area.